Versions Checker - check black-plate change


Versions Checker is a software for commercial printing industry. It helps to check jobs that are printed with a black-plate change, allowing to detect errors before the processing of plates, which can save you lots of money.

Using this software is very easy - all signatures from one job can be processed as a batch and checked afterwards visually.

Versions Checker analyzes tiff files and saves the results as jpg files. Problematic areas are colored with red and the rest of areas are shown as a light grayscale image. This way it is possible to find all errors very quickly. We suggest to use tiffs that are ripped from imposed pdf-s, because in this case you can check also that the page coordinates are correct in each version.

For example, we have the two color job (cyan and black) with three versions: A, B and C. Lets check, can this job be printed with a black-plate change:

  a  b  c These are the original files. "A" is a master version - e.g. we want to use "A"-s cyan to print all versions.
 A cyanA black B blackC black These are the separations (black overprint is on).

Here are the output files from Versions Checker:
 checkb   checkc These are the "CHECK" files.  We can see that the upper letters are fine - there is no red color.

Middle black box should knock out cyan background.  Automatic black overprint should be switched off.

Concerning the bottom letters the designer has forgotten, that colored texts should not change, when printing with black plate change.
 proofb   proofc    These are the "PROOF" files, where master's cyan and other versions blacks are mixed together. It shows you what would be the result if  you had printed this job in a printing press.

Printing with a black-plate change is impossible without changing black overprint.